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Revolutionizing AI-Driven Crypto Investment Research: Interview with Jiva Kwan, Co-founder of SoSoValue


The digital asset management industry faces significant challenges in providing secure, efficient, and user-friendly solutions for crypto investors. As the cryptocurrency market grows, there’s an increasing need for platforms that can simplify portfolio management and optimize investment strategies. Many existing solutions need more comprehensive features or address the complex needs of both novice and experienced traders. SoSoValue is tackling these issues head-on with its innovative approach to digital asset management.

By leveraging advanced AI capabilities to organize and present vast amounts of data from various sources, SoSoValue simplifies complex crypto-native information into straightforward investment insights. Its comprehensive features, including an automated classification system, professional analysis tools, and real-time monitoring, set the platform apart. The company recently raised $4.15 million in seed funding, led by HongShan, GSR Markets, Alumni Ventures, CoinSummer Labs, and OnePiece Labs and Gitcoin Co-founder, Ethereum early investor, other founders of top Web3 and AI tech firms. This capital infusion will accelerate the development of SoSoValue’s data services and AI-empowered news feeds and expand its research community, further empowering investors in the crypto space.

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Jiva Kwan, Co-founder of SoSoValue, to discuss the innovative AI-driven platform and features revolutionizing crypto investment research and democratizing access to high-quality financial insights in the digital asset space.

1. What inspired you to create SoSoValue, and how do you believe your platform will revolutionize crypto investment research, especially in light of recent developments like the Bitcoin Spot ETF?

The inspiration behind SoSoValue was to democratize access to high-quality crypto investment research. Traditionally, institutional investors had better tools and data compared to retail investors. With developments like the Bitcoin Spot ETF, providing all investors with reliable insights is critical. SoSoValue bridges the gap between crypto-native and traditional finance, leveraging AI to simplify complex data and make informed decisions easier for everyone, regardless of their economic background or region.

2. SoSoValue reached 1.2 million registered users within five months of launch. What contributed to this rapid growth, and how does it reflect the platform’s effectiveness?

Our rapid growth can be attributed to the clear product-market fit, addressing the demand for accessible and comprehensive crypto data with a user-friendly interface and effective marketing strategies. The trust we’ve built with early adopters has been crucial. This success was further amplified when we launched the SoSoValue Bitcoin Spot ETF Dashboard, which helped crypto and traditional investors understand the impact of Bitcoin ETFs. Media exposure and positive market feedback also played significant roles, reflecting our platform’s effectiveness in meeting investors’ needs.

3. Your platform was the first to launch a BTC Spot ETF dashboard. Can you explain how this feature works and its significance for institutional and retail investors?

Before the launch of Bitcoin Spot ETFs, we noticed that crypto-native investors lacked understanding and awareness of traditional financial operations. Conversely, finance-native investors needed clarification about how cryptocurrency ETFs would impact the stock and crypto markets. Therefore, when the Bitcoin ETF was approved, we combined insights from both the crypto and traditional financial spheres to introduce the concept of daily net inflows and outflows for spot ETFs. This indicator effectively measures the daily volume of funds moving from the traditional financial market into the crypto market to buy Bitcoin, helping investors observe capital flows and market liquidity.

Based on this, we created the SoSoValue Bitcoin Spot ETF Dashboard https://sosovalue.com/assets/etf/us-btc-spot to facilitate a quick understanding of the Bitcoin ETF’s impact and track key changes in ETF metrics for both crypto and traditional finance investors. Following its launch, we received enthusiastic market feedback, with multiple media outlets such as BSCN and Foresight News referencing our data. The substantial exposure of the Bitcoin ETF dashboard has also brought us numerous high-retention quality users.

4. With the recent $4.15 million seed funding led by HongShan and other notable investors, how do you plan to allocate these resources to enhance SoSoValue’s capabilities?

The $4.15 million raised in this financing round will primarily be allocated towards developing and iterating new AI products, establishing a global research community, and growing a worldwide high-value user base. We fully understand and recognize that SoSoValue is undertaking a long-term commitment closely tied to the evolution of the entire industry. In addition to this financing round, several of the co-founders, who have benefited from early gains in the stock and cryptocurrency markets, have also committed nearly $10 million of our funds to support the long-term development and growth of the project. We aim to bring true value and contribute significantly to the growth of the cryptocurrency industry.

5. SoSoValue aims to “turn complex crypto-native information into straightforward investment insights.” Can you elaborate on how your AI technology achieves this?

Our AI technology processes vast amounts of crypto data, including market trends, on-chain data, and social sentiment. Using machine learning algorithms, it analyzes and interprets this data, presenting it intuitively. We leverage large language models to classify, tag, translate, and summarize information, ensuring high accuracy. This allows investors to find relevant insights and be notified of key changes quickly. Our SoSoValue News Bot, powered by AI, delivers these updates directly to users on Telegram: SoSo News Bot.

6. Your platform includes features like multi-indicator comparisons, real-time charts, and on-chain tracking. How do these tools specifically address the challenges faced by crypto investors?

These tools are designed to tackle the main challenges faced by crypto investors: information overload, volatility, and the technical nature of crypto assets. Multi-indicator comparisons allow users to evaluate assets based on multiple factors simultaneously, real-time charts provide up-to-the-minute data to track market movements, and on-chain tracking offers transparency into the actual transactions and activities on the blockchain. Together, these features provide a comprehensive view that supports better decision-making.

Our strong product-market fit (PMF) is illustrated by our launch of the SoSoValue Bitcoin Spot ETF Dashboard. This dashboard garnered enthusiastic market feedback and media citations by addressing gaps in understanding between traditional finance and crypto impacts, helping users track essential indicators. Our success with the Bitcoin dashboard exemplifies our commitment to delivering insightful tools for investors.

7. SoSoValue is developing AI-driven bots for personalized updates on Telegram. How will this integration enhance the user experience?

The AI-driven Telegram bots will provide users with personalized updates based on their preferences and interests. This includes real-time alerts for significant market movements, personalized news feeds, and tailored investment insights. By integrating these bots, we make it easier for users to stay informed and make timely decisions without constantly monitoring the market themselves.

SoSoValue leverages large language models (LLM) to filter, classify, tag, translate, and summarize vast amounts of information from thousands of web crawlers. We eliminate meaningless information, categorizing and tagging the rest to specific cryptocurrencies with 95% accuracy. This allows investors to find relevant information quickly or access it through APIs. Additionally, our in-house AI models identify abnormal fluctuations and key changes in on-chain and off-chain data, pushing updates to users immediately. Experience the SoSoValue News Bot on Telegram.

8. You’ve mentioned plans to support researchers who share independent insights. How does this initiative align with SoSoValue’s mission of information equality?

Supporting independent researchers aligns with our mission of information equality by ensuring diverse perspectives and insights are accessible to all users. In December 2023, our Researcher Scholarship S1 attracted nearly 200 high-quality research reports and garnered endorsements from key opinion leaders like VicTALK and Cryptobaby, elevating SoSoValue’s visibility. By incentivizing and highlighting independent research, we enhance the quality of investment insights, enabling investors to make more balanced decisions. This initiative fosters a decentralized research ecosystem, empowering skilled and reputable researchers while creating an inclusive and comprehensive information platform that democratizes access to high-quality crypto data for all.

9. Can you tell us more about your collaborations, such as the one with SafePal, and how these partnerships benefit your users?

Our collaboration with SafePal showcases SoSoValue’s dedication to enhancing user experience through strategic partnerships. We’ve integrated SoSoValue’s AI voice broadcasts, crypto information flows, and market fluctuation alerts into SafePal’s platform, helping users gain valuable contextual insights while enriching the user experience in-app. Meanwhile, SafePal’s extensive user base of over 20 million across nearly 200 countries amplifies our reach and validates the utility of our AI-driven insights. 

In addition, SoSoValue collaborates with leading crypto media, such as BSCN, to empower crypto investors with real-time, precise, and actionable data. For instance, our vertical AI agent bots can provide personalized crypto news and curated data tailored to each media partner’s target audience, enhancing user engagement and the overall news consumption experience. 

The customizable vertical AI agents offered by SoSoValue also significantly benefit hedge funds and institutional partners by enhancing the effectiveness of their trading strategies. 

Collectively, these partnerships contribute to SoSoValue’s vision of building a comprehensive and dynamic ecosystem that empowers users to navigate and excel in the fast-paced crypto landscape.

10. Looking ahead, how does SoSoValue plan to adapt its product to serve the needs of the next billion investors entering crypto asset allocation?

SoSoValue will remain investor-centric, striving to make the cryptocurrency investment environment more transparent and equitable. In the current crypto market, where information is overwhelmingly complex and lacks transparency, the “right to be seen” has emerged as a new need for equality. Every excellent researcher, cryptocurrency, and project should have the opportunity to be fairly showcased and recognized. 

We plan to foster a thriving global research community by offering free data, charting tools, and other crucial resources and incentives. Additionally, we will host bi-annual research competitions to foster an ecosystem where high-quality, unbiased research in the cryptocurrency industry can be seen and celebrated. 

We will continue to develop our unified service platform, which bridges the gap between crypto natives and traditional investors. Our multidisciplinary team continuously innovates, leveraging AI technology, ETF opportunities, and rapid iterations to meet crypto investors’ needs. Our Dex Tool, offering real-time on-chain transaction information, will be continuously improved to refine our data dashboards. Our goal is optimal Product Market Fit (PMF), establishing SoSoValue as a central hub for crypto investment research.

In summary, SoSoValue aims to drive the cryptocurrency market toward greater transparency and equality, ensuring great insights and entrepreneurial endeavors have equal opportunities to be heard and seen on our platform, thus positively impacting the entire crypto ecosystem.

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